Teddys Words


Staring in the mirror, she’s lost in that reflection that she see’s

Misperfection dwellin’ in her sights, you can hear the self harm in her speech

no longer riddled in her patience, she’s sick of contemplation

She’s concentrating focused on self-hatred

let it go or get a grip, she says focus your mind or lose every piece of it

Lost in her own thoughts baskin’ and askin’ questions sets from fiction

Deep infliction’s in need of readmission, if she speaks, do not interrupt just listen

Don’t whisper along the ridges of her lips hiding scarred words,

she’s a beauty to behold, and be held she will be

As the stars glimmer on her face, reminding her to keep hold of self confidence

I will not let go as I prepare for eternity and hand her my heart

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