Depression hides.

Depression grows.

Depression gets stronger

While nobody knows.

You hide it away,

But it feeds on seclusion,

Preventing improvement

With constant elusion.

The days become longer.

You force a smile with a fight,

But your faked smile fades

And keeps you up in the night.

“It will fade,” you say.

“It’s just a phase. It will pass.

Depression this bad

Can’t possibly last.”

But it does.

It stays, develops, persists.

Your temptations grow

And become hard to resist.

You find something to cling to

So that you stay sane,

A fantastic delusion

That eases your pain.

You fake every emotion.

You’re living a lie.

You can’t do this forever,

So why do you try?

“You have so much to live for,

A bright future ahead.”

But you know that, inside,

You’re already dead.

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