First time I Met My Sister pt.2

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She had only been in the country amatter of months and she already had herself a boyfriend and was pregnant. Thinking back now, i suspect that she was already pregnant before coming to the uk but she kept it as her little secret for some time before the big reveal. and that’s where her and my mums relationship began to derail.

They always tried their best not to argue and would often put on a act whenever I was around them, but I don’t know what is it about kids especially when young, they are very good at sensing bullshit and at that age they couldn’t fool me, and little did they know, I always had my ear pressed against the door, listening to every argument.

one thing I liked about my sister, she was never afraid to tell my how she felt (which is something, I am completely unable to do, even at this stage in my life, I just don’t think I could). My mum wasn’t used to being spoken to, in the manner my sister spoke and they’re arguments often ended up getting insanely heated to the point where things would get thrown and smashed, to be completely honestly with you, if my sister wasn’t pregnant I think mum would’ve come close to killing her, that’s how insanely heated it all got.

I remember one time when all three of us were in the car, mum was driving and her and my sister began to argue and my mum got sooo pissed, she started driving CRAZY, swerving in and out of lanes at 80mph, driving on the wrong side of the road into on coming traffic, threatening to drive us off a bridge, I don’t think that’s a moment i will ever forget because honestly, I thought that was it, I thought that was the end.

We stayed in the hostel for a month or so before moving to Colindale. I attending Colindale primary school and my sister, well I’m not quite sure what happened, I know she was there in the beginning but left at some point. But yeah I do know when we moved to Colindale, she was with us but she would remain in the house all day or I’m not sure what she done, I just know when I saw her she was in the house. Did I try building a relationship with her? No, I don’t think I was, did or wanted to, to be honest I’m not even sure if we even spoke to each other much. Despite being young, I think parts of me still needed someone to sit me down and explain where she’s been all this time and what’s going on, because for me she was dangerous, she’s just turned up out the blue and it’s made mum become more aggressive and bloody scary, but still everyone wants to pretend nothing is going on and we are one big happy family and expect me to be alright?

so we never spoke much and I didn’t really like her speaking to other people neither, as her English was so poor, she would say ‘thank you’ to someone saying “hello” and ‘yes please’ at the end of every sentence, I remember telling her she doesn’t always have to say yes please, at the end of everything but she did anyway and that frustrated me.

like I said before my sister wasn’t with us for long, I’m not sure how long exactly she was with us for, but It didn’t take her long before she was fed up of living with my mum, they just weren’t getting along and I think parts of that was to do with my sisters boyfriend who kept coming round and I don’t think my mum liked him at all but that’s who I think she went to live with, I’m not exactly sure when she left but it soon just became me and my mum again.

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