Last Nights Thoughts

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Last night as I laid in my bed, I began to cry…🤷🏾‍♂️ I couldn’t tell you why. It’s not like I’m Alone or anything, well I am and I’m not at the same time… I’m envious of all those that have family they see and spend time with regularly, I’m envious of those that have someone to go home to every evening.

Outside of the room, I rent with a bunch of strangers that do not speak a word of English and out in the big world, I try to hold it together but last night I just couldn’t control it and out of nowhere the tears just came… Agrhhhh I’m alone and just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, I’m struggling to get a job, I’m running out of money, lack of money will soon lead to lack of food, and then well I don’t know… oh and I’ve got the flu…

Anyway that’s my rant over, probably didn’t make any sense to you whatsoever ever but that’s my life currently…

Anyway, how are you?

13 thoughts on “Last Nights Thoughts

  1. I know what you mean about not having family. Both my parents have passed on. One sister lives in another state and I’m lucky if I see her once every 5 years. I have another sister who just doesn’t communicate with me. Hang in there. Life is always changing. Sometimes good things come.

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    1. Some days it’s just hard and like the emotions just creep on me. The relationship with my mum is similar to the one you have with you sister and actual sister well we don’t really have a relationship. But I’m a survivor and I get through it day by day always looking forward to the good things


  2. Hey,
    I know what it feels like to be alone. It’s a terrible feeling and it can sometimes be difficult to deal with so I get you. There’s a lot of anxiety and negative emotions that come with it and for me, there’s really nothing worse than feeling alone. No words of encouragement and love seem to help me either. I don’t really have much of a relationship with my mother, only with my dad and I don’t have any friends either (except for one person) so that’s me. But I think after a lot of heart ache and pain, I’ve learned to accept the fact that I’ll be alone and so, I try to be as happy with myself as I can. Self-love certainly isn’t easy to attain but I think you learn with time. Just remember that you have yourself and this amazing community of people here, who want what’s best for you. It’s a struggle but know that you aren’t alone in this and that you’re strong. If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here. Just drop a comment on one of my blog posts any time and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for the honest words. Take care, my friend. You got this 👊😉

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    1. Hey, thank you so much… it’s such a relief to know people are out here and have not met but only want the best for you and I completely know how you feel too. I’m here if you ever need somebody to speak with

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      1. Hey, you’re welcome. Yes, it’s always great to know that you’re not alone. I’ve found that complete strangers can actually empathize with me better than people I know personally. Thanks for understanding and offering your help. Sometimes listening is all it takes to heal. I believe that strongly and I try to reach out to people whenever I can

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  3. just hold on dear. Try to look for something good everyday. And yes, it’s perfectly ok to cry sometimes, I do that myself in spite of all those happy poems I right! Sending you lots of Smiles and good fortune from this part of the world

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