One Up

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The story of my life is, I’ve always been broken
My childhood was ripped away from me, it was stolen
And I can go on and on and start reminiscing
but there’s too much going on for me to be in my feelings
I guess I’ve just got to man up, apparently, I’m grown now

And friends? well they’re all gone now

Truth is I had to mature at a young age
Focused more on survival I had less time to play
Mentally living in a house of seriousness and a house of pain
But I remembered the saying ” if there’s no pain, there’s no gain”
But really what have I gained? I always question
because I’ve had a lot more sorrows than I’ve had blessings

Speaking of blessings where is the Lord at?
hmm, can I even say that?

Years of being secretly depressed, I’ve had to fight alone
Life f’d me over and over never once threw me a bone
Thinking back, going through it all, you learn to keep all your memories and become a hoarder
People like me are supposed to be hard, with a past like mine, I’m not supposed to feel
Growing up watching Superman, I mirrored myself on being the man of steel

Once you get to know me though, you’ll see I’m crazy and weird
If you are around long enough, for me to lower my guard
You may find out my insecurities and my darkest fear
you’ll see all the pain I endear, and you may even find out about the very few I hold dear

I once used to have such a big heart, but that was once upon a blue moon
Nowadays I just get up, put on a smile and say its fine
some days I sit back and start reflecting on my past, I remember one time started crying
because strolling down memory lane, I remember the day I first felt like I was really dying

I gave up trying

But since I’ve started writing, its like I’ve started fighting
I may even be on the come up, I put the pills to the side
through the therapy of words, I may even be one up on this disease

9 thoughts on “One Up

      1. All us writers go through it, by the way — in general, the more so the better the eventual writer. Read Kay Redfield Jameson’s Harvard-study-based “Touched With Fire” (sorry, no underline) for affirmation and self esteem.

        I can also tell you it’s possible, by triangulating with unconditional universal love, to achieve a good balance with these volatile energies and become happy. The even better news is that, for us, happiness equals ecstasy — and guess what? By then we’ve fully paid the price for it, and can enjoy it guilt free!

        For six months now I’ve been following my passion through thick and thin. No sacrifice has been too great inperpetuatingmy ability to continue on that path.

        In that time, between the three sites to which I contributed, I’ve made over three thousand posts — on my primary site alone nearly fifteen hundred, most composed on the spot — viewed forty five thousand times and gathering a thousand subscribers. That’s a whole lot of creative balance, ya?

        Here’s what I’m coming to for you: In addition, step step, over that time, my whole life — my own health and happiness as well as that of the people around me — has done nothing but improve.

        So. I mean it. You’ve got what it takes. We need every voice right now, leading all of us onward, inward, upward. You go.

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      2. Thank you so much for these words, I’m feeling very inspired honoured to have you take the time out to share your
        Thoughts with me…

        Do you think you help me get to where you are and getting my voices to helping loads more people


      3. That was my hope in offering those words to you. My next advise would be to write a thousand words or so every day. No machinery is so sophisticated that it does not require lubrication. Write, write, write, and write some more. Now, with both those sets of advise you have enough to work with for years to come. Bright blessings to you!

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