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You may be feeling confidential towards everything you do

Not realizing the littlest mistakes you’re making,  is creating a monster

but you never knew…

you find it difficult because you can’t explain,  why every day is like a race

And for reasons you can’t explain, you’ve got to keep on trying, just to be in first place

One thing about life is, you’re always going to be faced with something

no matter your circumstance

My advice is don’t be weak, continue keeping that head up,

because only you can stop yourself from being what you want to be

Make yourself believe

From where I started, to who I am now, I never expected myself to be able to do, as much as I’ve done this includes writing my thoughts and feelings

It’s like I have become my own therapist, some days I get butterflies when I read what I write, because these words flowing through my head, gives me a special feeling within and at that precise moment, I feel at peace, I feel untouchable, I feel courage, I feel my words wrap around me, ready to face today’s battles.


Teddys Words

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