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I’m having such a shit time at work recently and now I actually think they are trying to get rid of me? I don’t I think I can take it any longer, everything they do is starting to really test my patience and I really think i could snap at any moment.

For example I have been at this place for some time now, I started as a support worker and worked my way up. I became a manager and got paid a salary, instead of an hourly rate, meaning me signing in was irrelevant when it came to being paid, I understood the health and safety side of things but they could confirm my attendance to work, as I was physically there to be seen every day…

Anyways so since becoming a manager I’ve gone almost a year without signing to confirm my hours and nothing was ever said, no one complained and I got paid as normal. Also the current unit I’m working in only has me and one other person and we are both working set hours so for me to get sent this today…

I feel this email is absolutely disgusting, especially as I’ve given my all to this company for two solid years now and to be spoken to like this is just insane.

I actually feel like giving in my notice.

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