Dear Mother

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Dear Mother,

Do I really have to open my mind?

Do I really have to stop and freeze the time?

To tell you things were never right, I was never fine?

Life’s getting crazier and crazier, but it all seemed like a lie

A big circle, encircling the world that we live in; bearing no purpose of life


Do I really need to rap this all out, for you to finally realize?

To finally pay attention to my feelings, to finally break the ice

To see through the thin layers of cries,

The silence of things that went up in flames

I’m desperately prying this metal cage, I’m giving it all in one try

And I tried to salvage

This feeling that was long gone. It was long lost

And these emotions always come with a cost


Am I really stuck at this junction, this road that is crossed?

Memories paused, my heartbeat stopped just so I could feel my own pulse

Was it my own fault, things never went right cos I’m all wrong?

All mistakes and missteps left not forgiven

we all beg and sob tears painting our pain in the soil;

This love is lost cause you’re long gone

Even though you promised not to leave, you promised you’d stay

But my loves unconditional and I can’t wait until the day


we meet again

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