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Lonely nights in my room, the only light is my phone,

I slowly nod to the tone, the beat hits right to my bone,

As people outside would deal, man I deal with this alone

I asked God for a price, He said I would need a loan

I ain’t got time for money, S**t I ain’t got time for time

All I want in life is a chance to go back in time

It feels like I’m depressed and suffering from anxiety

Trying so hard but nothing seems to be exciting me

And every time I speak up, I see another side of me

Painting mental pictures as poignant as pornography

I keep my mouth shut because my thoughts are too depressing

Depression eating me alive, I’m fighting wars with my mind

i’m lyrically armed alone fighting for my sanity

We never saw this coming but now this is our reality

We may look fine fully clothed

you’ve got to see beyond the naked eye


You’ve known him for years, but you noticed that he self-harms

known her for a while and you can’t see anxiety killing her

when alone in the nights, they’re both crying because they’re hurting

But you haven’t noticed nope..  you wouldn’t notice?

Because in the morning she looks as fine, as when you met her

And his talking real smart, got you thinking damn he so clever

Attention to detail I’m stressing that you pay it

Because those suffering won’t come out and say it

We’ve got to be more like joey and ask “how you doing?”

Because we’re all friends man and we all go through it

I was hearing voices, voices giving me choices

I was having blacked out rages

that had me feeling like I was locked in cages

A lot of people around me hurt and bridges got burned

I’m just trying to salvage what’s left before I lose my turn

but If I don’t return consider this as my eulogy

Please tell them about me and the person I used to be

Because all these things I’m saying, this is all new to me

This never used to be my life, this never used to be life

If I don’t take them pills then them voices may take me

If I don’t reach out now then it might be to late see

It’s you I’m begging please somebody come and save me




So if you can relate then it’s you I’m speaking too

8 thoughts on “Sanity

  1. I really love this! For some reason I read it in the voice of a song I’ve been listening to lately that has a rap/spoken word vibe to it and I think it really works in that format!
    Also thank you for following my blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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