Do not set yourself alight to keep others warm

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“Do not set yourself alight to keep others warm” – We need stop doing and start showing and teaching others to be able to stand alone and fight for what they want.

For many years now I’ve been setting myself alight and getting burned, because I was eager to please everybody. I did whatever I could to ensure others had and left my self without.

I’ve been like this since I was young. I’m now 25 and receiving the after effects and blame from others I tried to protect or help – because I did so much for them, when the time came for them to stand alone they couldn’t and so they blame, and I can’t fault them at all because they’re right.

So today’s advice is all the knowledge and wealth of experience you have don’t just give and automatically do stuff for those that seek the help instead teach and encourage them to try for themselves it may be hard at first, but nothing’s ever easy right?

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