One thing we must teach those growing up, is, that it’s okay to fail

Because failure is just the beginning of your success

And the most important thing we must teach them is that success comes in different shapes and different sizes

my success is waking up every day being able to make a difference in at least one person’s life and seeing them smile – but make them understand that everyone sees success different and my success is not your success

Which leads me to comparison – do not compare yourself to those around you, the mistake we made as adolescent youths were to compare ourselves to those around us and the need to gain their acceptance, and that my friends Is nonsense. Do not be afraid to be different.

You set your mind, to what you want to achieve and begin taking small steps towards that goal, forget the rest , you let every tom, dick and harry worry about living a materialistic life, because one thing we can predict about this world we live is that, there’s always going to be something new out every week, if not every day and if having the latest clothes, phones and trainers is all your friends and surroundings are working towards having, you’ve got to ask your self are these the right people I want to compare my life to?

I’ve got friends in jail, I’ve got friends that are homeless, and I’ve had friends that have died in my arms all because of the life they chose, and I’ve had to experience all of that and worse because of the decisions I made to want to be long in a world I didn’t fit.

Now seriously ask yourself, do you really want your life legacy to be “oh yeah, he always had nice trainers, nice Jewelry expensive clothes”

I’ve got nice trainers, I’ve got nice clothes and I would have nice jewelry, if I wanted to wear jewelry but the difference between me and some of the people many of you idolize today, is that…. if I was to die tomorrow you would remember me as the black guy that wrote a speech that inspired you or motivated you and made you think about decisions you’re making and where your life is going….. tbc

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